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           PRP is a native Puerto Rican Prosthetics manufacturer, which has been a pioneer in offering the highest technology and specialized services in specialized prostheses, orthopedic and pedorthic devices and durable medical equipment. During the past 20 years, PRP has been a leader in the industry for innovation in its services and ability to offer products of the highest quality.


          PRP has been in operation since 1994 , initially as a provider of physical therapy and since 1995 as a provider of prosthetics, orthotics and pedorthics. It is also an authorized Medicare provider for these services and has contracts to provide with all major insurance companies on the island, government sponsor and supplier for the Veterans Administration. 


         PRP is the leader in quality and service since 1994 for the manufacturing of standard and custom orthotic and prosthetic devices in the island. At our laboratory, Manufacturing and Service Center in Manati, PRP provides support for Physical Therapy, Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics. PRP well-staffed trained and certified personnel have many years in the field of service. PRP only incorporates quality materials and professional service to assist our patients meet individual needs, enhance functionality, thus improving their quality of life.          


        In achieving these goals, the patient is less likely to suffer from other conditions like depression, skin infections, ruptures due to falls, cardiovascular disease, muscle spasms and other known diseases resulting from the amputation  of a limb or body part. The personalized attention to the patient to improve their quality of life and realize their full independence and functionality level has been the primary focus of PRP since it was founded in 1994. Our corporate slogan " With you until you make it”, is a true representation of our commitment to improving the quality of life of patients assuring their mobility can be achieved in an integrated manner with the support of a properly trained and certified clinical staff.


       Our employees are highly engaged and work together to help patients with different types of physical challenges, overcome obstacles and to lead productive and independent lives.





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